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Delta - Nordel

  • Three routes
  • (PT 139)
  • 5/6/10 km
  • Jan to Dec
  • Trail Rating 2A/2B
  • Boardwalks

Start Point
Cravings Coffee
11146 - 84th. Avenue
North Delta, V4C 2L7

Cravings Coffee is located at SW corner of 84 Ave & 112 St. Take Hwy. 91; Exit at Nordel Way; Right on 84 Ave to 112 St.

Walk Box Location

Service counter at Cravings Coffee.


There are three routes:

The "Bog" walk proceeds through residential areas to famous peat Burns Bog Conservation Area which contains intriguing ground cover & growth while being home to a variety of wildlife.

The Nordel Street walk proceeds through residential areas, schools & parkland.

The third route is called Shirley's Walk, along the North Delta Greenway.

There is also one 5 km and one 6 km route available.  Washrooms at start point.


Jill  (604-496-6536)

Check website:  Cravings Coffee